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A step in the right direction: tailoring pedometer algorithms for dogs

C. Ladha, Z. Belshaw, J. O’Sullivan, L. Asher

BMC Veterinary Research

doi: 10.1186/s12917-018-1422-3

• What did the research find?

In this study, researchers developed algorithms for an accelerometer-based device to detect the number of steps and distance travelled by dogs.

The algorithms also allow calculation for temporal and spatial components of canine ambulation, which could be used for diagnosing or monitoring diseases, such as osteoarthritis, or used to support canine weight-loss programmes.

• How was it conducted?

To validate the step counting algorithm, accelerometer data were collected from 13 healthy dogs which were walked a set distance and filmed. Statistical analysis was carried out to compare the number of steps measured by video footage to those predicted by the algorithm.

To validate the algorithm for distance travelled, accelerometer data from 10 dogs with osteoarthritis was collected during normal walks with their owners where GPS was also …

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