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Effect of kibble and raw meat diets on immune cell gene expression profiles in dogs

R.C. Anderson, K.M. Armstrong and others

Veterinary Journal (2018) 234, 7–10

doi: 10.1016/j.tvjl.2018.01.005

• What did the research find?

This study found that diet can alter a dog’s immune cell gene expression profile, which could have implications on canine health and immune status.

Dogs fed a 100 per cent raw red meat diet had a decrease in cytokine gene and receptor expression in comparison to dogs fed a kibble diet. Dogs on a kibble diet had increased expression of immune-related genes and plasma immunoglobulin concentrations (IgA).

• How was it conducted?

Blood samples collected from 15 harrier hounds were included in the study. The dogs were initially fed a base diet of kibble and canned food for four weeks and then were divided into two groups, which were fed either 100 per cent kibble or 100 per cent raw red meat diets for nine weeks. …

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