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Recruitment crisis demands a solution NOW!

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By Matthew Limb

The vet profession has been ‘sleep walking’ into a workforce crisis that Brexit has laid bare and could yet further exacerbate, leading veterinary figures have admitted.

Recruitment and retention troubles have built up to a critical extent, posing huge challenges for the profession’s future and affecting the health and wellbeing of many staff, they said.

Stuart Reid, principal of the Royal Veterinary College, said the profession was not responding quickly enough and had to be more ‘aggressive’ in demanding help from government.

‘The crisis is at every level and it is now. We struggle to recruit our teachers, our clinicians, our specialists,’ he said.

Lord Sandy Trees, a crossbench peer and former president of the RCVS, said there were not enough vets being trained to replenish the workforce and the stories told by those leaving or wanting to leave were deeply sad and a ‘warning sign’.

‘We’ve sleep walked into this. We’ve allowed this to happen, we’re all culpable …

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