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Vets urged to recognise signs of overworking

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By Matthew Limb and Adele Waters

Today marks the launch of HALT, a new campaign warning vets of the dangers of working excessive hours.

Vets are being advised to take regular, planned breaks to ensure they stay healthy and perform at their best.

The campaign has been launched by VetLed, a Buckinghamshire-based consultancy firm, and aims to raise awareness of factors that can affect vets’ wellbeing.

The HALT acronym has been used in wellness, therapy and addiction settings to alert people to respond effectively to warning signs.

Feeling hungry or thirsty (H), anxious or angry (A), late or lonely (L) and tired (T) can signal the need to take extra care over wellbeing, take rest breaks and seek support to address sources of stress. If these are not addressed, stresses can build up, leading to problems becoming more acute and mistakes …

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