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Wendy Furness, an equine vet and partner at Scarsdale Vets, has been awarded an Executive MBA with distinction from the University of Nottingham’s Business School. She was also presented with two additional prizes: best overall performance in all of the taught modules and best overall performance in her management project. In the latter, she investigated how to maximise the impact of digital marketing in a veterinary business. Having graduated from Cambridge in 1997, she joined Scarsdale Vets a year later and became a partner in 2006; she now sits on the management strategy board of the business. In 2010, she became a director of XLVets.

Toby Gemmill, a RCVS Specialist in small animal surgery and clinical director at the Willows Veterinary Centre in Solihull, has been elected as the next chair of the AOVET European board; he will take up his role in July. AOVET is one of the four clinical divisions of the AO group (Arbeitsgemeinschaft für Osteosynthesefragen), a global organisation dedicated to improving patient outcomes through research and education in orthopaedics. In his position as chairman, he will organise and oversee AOVET courses, help develop new educational material and train younger surgeons, among numerous other responsibilities.

Claudia van Zadelhoff has been granted a specialised internship with the veterinary faculty at Edinburgh university in partnership with BCF Technology. This will be followed by a five-year residency in which she will work on advancing the application of 3D imaging for vets. She previously worked at a large equine clinic in Germany and has extensive experience of scintigraphy and 3D imaging. She will spend some of her time at BCF Technology’s head office in Bellshill, and will also attend exhibitions to meet the company’s customers to learn about their needs and how 3D imaging can help them.

Nat Whitley has been appointed clinical director of Davies Veterinary Specialists in Hertfordshire in a new role that aims to support continued growth and development of the privately-owned company. He originally joined the team as a medicine and cardiology clinician and became head of internal medicine in 2010; his clinical commitment will be reduced to accommodate his new role. As clinical director he will oversee the upgrade of new practice management software and ensure the smooth running of the clinic while other projects come to fruition, including the expansion of the practice’s kennel block and intensive care unit, as well as the installation of new CT and MRI scanners. He will also be heavily involved with staff recruitment and retention.

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