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At last, some movement on food labelling
  1. Gudrun Ravetz
  1. BVA senior vice president

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Can we deliver a new, scientific basis for food labelling that is clear, trusted and widely agreed upon – by the vet profession, consumers, retailers and food producers?

This issue has been in the news recently with environment secretary Michael Gove discussing the development of new approaches to food labelling to help consumers make informed choices.

Currently, labels for method of food production are too numerous and could be confusing for the public.

Many schemes are voluntary and they often tend to infer animal welfare benefits from the method involved in the production process rather than the actual measurable welfare of the animals themselves.

The consumer is left uncertain about how the specific ‘inputs’, such as housing, space, feed and management practices lead to improved outcomes in terms of the health, physical condition and behaviour of the animals.

BVA supports an evidence-based, welfare-outcomes approach. We want labels to specify animal …

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