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Northern Ireland set to get its first vet school

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By Matthew Limb

The UK may be on course for its 10th vet school with plans for Northern Ireland’s first school gaining fresh impetus.

A new school at Ulster University could be open within two to three years, according to the professor leading the bid, who says the proposal has been ‘re-energised in recent months’.

John Callan, who is Norbrook chair in pharmaceutical science at Ulster University, stressed the university’s commitment to open the school and its importance for the vet profession and the local economy.

‘We’ve done a lot of the preliminary work around feasibility and the delivery model and met with relevant stakeholders,’ he told Vet Record.

He said a new vet school would boost Northern Ireland’s agri food industry, the lifeblood of its economy, which is said to be worth around £5 billion a year and growing, by ‘guaranteeing’ the supply of vets needed to support it.

Callan …

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