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Laboratory animals
Use of animals in research
  1. Belinda Farnfield, President1,
  2. Anja Petrie, Senior Vice-President1 and
  3. Ngaire Dennison, Junior Vice-President1
  1. Laboratory Animal Veterinary Association e-mail:

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The use of animals in research is understandably highly emotive. The Laboratory Animals Veterinary Association (LAVA) represents veterinary surgeons with a keen interest in the health, welfare and care of laboratory animals. We are disappointed to read an article on the publication of the ‘Annual Statistics of Scientific Procedures on Living Animals in Great Britain 2016’ (Home Office 2017) that is lacking in balance and accompanied by a sensationalist headline: ‘Rise in laboratories breeding genetically modified animals is now “ out of control”’ (VR, August 5, 2017, vol 181, p 131).

According to the annual statistics, 3.94 million scientific procedures took place in Great …

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