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Suspected cases of salmonellosis in two cats fed with a commercial raw meat-based diet

F. Giacometti, J. Magarotto, A. Serraino, S. Piva

Feeding raw meat-based diets (RMBD) to domestic cats is becoming increasingly popular. As these diets do not necessarily undergo any type of heat processing or sterilisation, existing bacteria and parasites can be present at the time of consumption so these diets are at risk of contamination with pathogens including Salmonella species.

This report describes two highly suspected cases of feline salmonellosis in two cats from the same household fed with RMBD.

An eight-year-old female indoor domestic cat was evaluated at a veterinary clinic for gastrointestinal signs, namely anorexia with recent weight loss, vomiting and diarrhoea. A diagnosis of generic enteritis, hepatopathy with probable intestinal infection, was made. Four days after this first case was seen, a six-year-old female cat from the same household was referred to the clinic with the same clinical signs; the veterinarian suspected the same infection. Investigating the possible sources of infection, the owner specified that the food given to both animals was a frozen commercial poultry RMBD bought on the internet.

Given that both cats had received the same raw food diet, …

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