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Sheep farmers not feeling the lynx effect

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The Lynx UK Trust has submitted an application to Natural England to reintroduce lynx back into the UK countryside following a year-long consultation.

The move, which has been met with tough criticism from the farming world, would involve the release of six Eurasian lynx into Kielder Forest, which sits on the border between England and Scotland, as part of a five-year pilot study.

The trust says that the lynx is a ‘shy and secretive’ creature, which makes it a perfect candidate for reintroduction. It says there have been no attacks on people by ‘healthy, wild’ Eurasian lynx and they have a very low impact on livestock, with, on average, less than one sheep killed every two years.

But, the National Sheep Association (NSA) says that it is ‘strongly opposed’ to the proposed pilot release and has serious concerns about the consultation process.

Phil Stocker, NSA chief executive, said: ‘Clearly NSA is opposed to lynx because of the …

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