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Shortage occupation list: an ‘essential step’ to tackle workforce issues

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Vets must be restored to the shortage occupation list from which they were removed in 2011.

That was the warning from Lord Trees as he addressed the House of Lords last week in a discussion of the EU Committee report on ‘Brexit: UK-EU movement of people’. He said the step was needed to tackle vet workforce shortages.

‘This is an essential first step in addressing the shortage of vets that we face and which threatens animal health and welfare, food security, public health and our international trade in animals and animal products,’ he said.

Lord Trees also called on the Government to give assurances that non-UK EU vets would be given the same rights after Brexit and for the Government to inform EU nationals in their own countries that they are welcome in the UK.

He described the recent Brexit report from the RCVS in which 64 per cent of non-UK EU vets currently working in the UK said they felt less welcome, 40 per cent were more likely to leave the UK, and 18 per cent were actively seeking employment overseas (VR, June 24, 2017, vol 180, p …

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