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New evidence on the behaviours and health of Rottweilers in the UK

D. G. O’Neill, W. Y. Seah, D. B. Church, and others

Canine Genetics and Epidemiology (2017) 4, 13

doi: 10.1186/s40575-017-0051-7

  • What did the research find?

    Ownership of rottweilers fell from 1.75 per cent of all dogs attending the participating practices born in 2006 to 1.07 per cent in 2013. The average lifespan of rottweilers overall was 9.0 years, which is shorter than some other breeds of similar body size, and cancer was a common cause of death. The most common disorders recorded in rottweilers were aggression, overweight/obesity, ear infection, osteoarthritis and diarrhoea. Compared with female rottweilers, males were significantly heavier, shorter lived and predisposed to aggression.

  • How was it conducted?

    The VetCompass Programme collects data from UK veterinary practices for research. This study included data on rottweilers extracted from the VetCompass Programme during 2013, including age, sex, neuter status and …

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