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Introducing Vet Record’ s new look
  1. Adele Waters

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Welcome to your new-look journal. For several months the Vet Record team has been working hard on this redesign so we really hope you like it.

Our aim has been to create a more engaging, compelling and helpful read that is respectful of your time while also providing you with the same high quality and evidence-based information you have come to expect.

The main difference is presentational – we’ve packaged the content in a more ordered and easy-to-read way – although we have introduced some new features too.

So what are the key changes?

First, you’ll notice the name change. The official name of this journal remains Veterinary Record but we’ve decided the masthead should reflect common usage and Vet Record is the name by which it is known.

Next you’ll notice we’ve improved the signposting – …

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