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Vets urged to support vital bird of prey conservation

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Veterinary professionals are being urged to take part in the #vets4vultures online fundraising campaign.

Led by charity Wildlife Vets International (WVI), the campaign is raising money for the Raptor Rehabilitation Programme, which aims to ensure that as many injured birds as possible survive and are successfully reintroduced to the wild.

Vultures and other birds of prey are persecuted throughout the world. This can be through hunting and the poisoning of carcases, or indirectly through kite strings, wind turbines and the use of diclofenac in livestock. Numbers of some species of vultures have experienced a drop of 99.9 per cent in recent years.

WVI’s veterinary teams are already working in India to increase the survival rate of injured birds and to increase their fitness at release. They are also teaching surgical techniques to local vets …

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