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Campaign to end the ‘cruel practice’ of primates as pets

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Handing the petition into Defra were (from left): Helena Cotton (BVA), Cordelia Britton (Four Paws), Rachel Hevesi and Sarah Hanson (Wild Futures), Lauren Young (a campaign supporter), Brian da Cal (Four Paws), Eloise Shavelar (RSPCA)

A 55,000-strong petition to ban the sale of primates as pets has been handed to the Government this week.

The petition, which was organised by a coalition of veterinary and animal welfare organisations, including the BVA, RSPCA, Captive Animals Protection Society, Four Paws and Wild Futures, was spearheaded by MPs Sheryll Murray and Sue Hayman and was handed in at the Palace of Westminster on Tuesday. A copy was also handed …

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