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The value of animal life
The End of Animal Life: A Start for Ethical Debate
  1. Ben Smith
  1. Fourth-year veterinary student

Statistics from

Franck L. B. Meijboom and Elsbeth N. Stassen
272 pages, hardback, €70.
Wageningen. 2017.
ISBN 978 90 8686 260 3

You’d do well to pick up ‘The End of Animal Life: a Start for Ethical Debate’ by Meijboom and Stassen because the idea of reading a 260-page book about killing animals is not an attractive one. Do so, however, and you will find this volume goes some way to advance the area of ethical study in a neglected subject, which is both divisive and subjective.

Reading this book makes you question your own rationale in killing animals. Individuals have contrasting opinions on killing for disease control, killing ‘waste’ animals in …

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