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Client relationships
Aggressive or threatening behaviour a ‘weekly occurrence’ for vets in practice

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Nearly nine out of 10 vets report that they or a member of their vet team have felt threatened by someone’s language or behaviour while in practice, according to figures released by the BVA to mark National Work Life Week (October 2 to 6).

The most recent BVA Voice of the Veterinary Profession survey, which had over 1600 respondents, revealed that veterinary teams were experiencing a high level of intimidation from clients bringing their animals into practices across the UK.

While around half of the vets had felt threatened by their clients’ actions or language, many vets commented that support staff such as receptionists often bear the brunt of threatening behaviour.

It was found that vets who worked with companion animals or in a mixed practice were more likely to have experienced difficult clients – with 89 per cent of these reporting some form of intimidating experience. Younger vets and female vets were significantly more likely to have experienced some form of intimidation.

Given these findings, the BVA and the BVNA have offered advice on how to deal with intimidating clients …

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