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Caring for wildlife casualties
BSAVA Manual of Wildlife Casualties, 2nd edn
  1. Stephen Cooke
  1. Career-long involvement with exotic and wildlife species

Statistics from

Elizabeth Mullineaux and Emma Keeble
480 pages, softback, £79. BSAVA. 2017.
ISBN 978 1 905319 80 0

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THIS new edition is 60 per cent larger than the first, which is an impressive feat for the editors, who have built on and dramatically improved an already very good manual. Their 30 contributors represent a wide range of skills and experience, including John Cooper – who is arguably considered the father of modern veterinary involvement in wildlife medicine and pathology.

The bulk of the book comprises 20 chapters, dealing with specific species or groups of species and is an invaluable source of condensed yet comprehensive, pertinent and up-to-date science. It is …

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