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Seroprevalence and risk factors of exposure to caprine arthritis-encephalitis virus in southern Spain
  1. B. Barrero Domínguez1,
  2. I. Luque1,
  3. A. Maldonado1,
  4. B. Huerta1,
  5. M. Sánchez2,
  6. J. Gomez Laguna3 and
  7. R. Astorga1
  1. 1Department of Animal Health, University of Cordoba, Cordoba, Spain
  2. 2Department of Animal Production, University of Cordoba, Cordoba, Spain
  3. 3Department of Anatomy and Comparative Pathology, University of Cordoba, Cordoba, Spain
  1. E-mail for correspondence: belen.barrero.89{at}


The aim of the present transversal descriptive study was to determine the exposure and risk factors associated with caprine arthritis-encephalitis virus (CAEV) in southern Spain. A total of 3,312 serum samples were collected from goat belonging to three different breeds coming from 48 flocks located in different geographic areas from southern Spain. In addition, health and productive parameters were surveyed during the visit to the herds. Serum samples were analysed by INgezim Maedi Screening (Ingenasa®) ELISA kit. The total percentage of herds exposed to CAEV was 87.71% (CI95 78.42–97.00). A total of 733 goats were seropositive with overall seroprevalence of 23.22% (CI95 21.78–24.65). The intraherd seroprevalence was 20.82%±24.07. Multivariate logistic regression showed significant association between CAEV and the next variables: (i) herd size (P<0.0001; OR: 2.07; CI95: 1.73–2.50), (ii) kidding area (P<0.0020; OR: 1.38; CI95: 1.13–1.69), (iii) cleaning and disinfection program (P<0.0067; OR: 1.90; CI95: 1.43–2.53), (iv) natural mating (P<0.0026; OR: 2.22; CI95: 1.73–2.86) and (v) multiparous (P<0.0001; OR: 2.90; CI95: 2.17–3.87). The results indicate a widespread of CAEV in goat herds in southern Spain, with herd size, existence of kidding area, absence of a cleaning and disinfection programme, natural mating and multiparous goats being risk factors for exposure to CAEV.

  • caprine athritis encephalitis virus (CAEV)
  • Seroprevalence
  • Risk factors
  • Goats
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