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Practical Veterinary Forensics
Veterinary forensics
  1. John E. Cooper and
  2. Margaret E. Cooper

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Edited by David Bailey
222 pages, paperback, £67.50.
CABI. 2016.
ISBN 978 1 78064 294 9

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THE past decade has seen the appearance of a number of books about veterinary forensics, mainly, but not exclusively, published in English. This multiauthor volume, with 14 contributors including several by the editor, is the latest.

It is edited by David Bailey, a UK-based Australian veterinary surgeon, and the titles of its 14 chapters range from ‘What is veterinary forensics?’, ‘Forensic philosophy’ and ‘Law and animals’ to more focused contributions on ‘Firearms and ballistics’, ‘Veterinary forensic toxicology’ and ‘Report writing’. Interestingly, there is no foreword or preface to the book and, surprisingly, in this age of collaborative research …

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