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Avian influenza
Defra announces plans to amend HPAI prevention zone measures

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DEFRA has set out plans to amend the measures in place in England to protect poultry and captive birds against H5N8 highly pathogenic avian influenza (HPAI). However, the planned changes are subject to review and the final arrangements will not be confirmed until the end of February.

Based on the latest situation and current scientific advice from the Chief Veterinary Officer, it anticipates being able to adopt a more targeted approach to disease control measures when the prevention zones currently in place across the whole of Great Britain expire on February 28. The prevention zones, which were introduced on December 6 last year, require keepers of poultry and captive birds to house their birds or take measures to prevent them coming into contact with wild birds. Under a derogation from EU regulations, free-range birds can be housed for a 12-week period, but …

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