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A Commonwealth joint venture to ‘beef up Brexit’?
  1. Chris Daborn
  1. Tigoni Veterinary Services, Box 2403-00621, Kenya; e-mail:

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THE world demand for animal products is inexorably set on an exponentially increasing course, with African and other emerging economies at the fore. According to the recently published African Union Interafrican Bureau for Animal Resources ‘Livestock Development Strategy for Africa’ (LiDeSA), the demand for animal source foods in Africa will increase between five- to eight-fold between now and 2050 (AU-IBAR 2017). African and other emerging economies around the world have ample numbers of livestock to meet this demand (the Horn of Africa stretching across to West Africa, has a large and small ruminant population that totals hundreds of millions of animals), but lack the technical skills, knowledge, …

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