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Avian Medicine and Surgery in Practice: Companion and Aviary Birds, 2nd edn
Dealing with companion and aviary birds in practice
  1. Charlotte Hussey

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Bob Doneley
467 pages, hardback, £76.99.
CRC Press. 2016.
ISBN 978 1 48226 020 5

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IT'S 18:30 on an extremely busy day in small animal practice. You've been juggling consults, lab work, giving results and operating all day, so, if you're anything like me, you can't remember your own name by this point, let alone the day of the week. The next consultation flashes up: it's a parrot with a dropped wing. Fortunately, you have a copy of ‘Avian Medicine and Surgery in Practice: Companion and Aviary Birds’ by Bob Doneley to hand.

This book is not an ‘all answers …

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