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What exactly is an internship or new graduate programme?

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‘Some job descriptions for internships or programmes sound an awful lot like a normal vet job but for a lesser salary and with woolly promises about support’

THE summer of 1995 will be forever etched in my memory with the stress of finals, the euphoria of passing and the celebration of my RCVS ceremony. Getting a job seemed straightforward then.

As the class of 2017 reaches the culmination of its years of hard work and is about to graduate, a glance through the usual recruitment ads shows not only jobs on offer, but also internships, residencies and new graduate programmes.

This worries me and here's why: I'm not sure we're using terminology consistently here, and I think we're reinforcing mismatched expectations of newly qualified vets and employers.

Wikipedia defines an internship as an exchange of services for experience between a student and an organisation, usually in an educational context. It also recognises that internships are unregulated, broadly defined and …

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