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Prevalence of corneal ulcerative disease higher in brachycephalic and spaniel breed type dogs

D. G. O'Neill, M. M. Lee, D. C. Brodbelt, D. B. Church, R. F. Sanchez

CORNEAL ulcerative disease (CUD) can cause vision problems and pain. Understanding which breeds and conformational types of dog are commonly affected by corneal disease could assist in developing preventive measures, such as breeding strategies or improved eye care, and guide veterinary surgeons in primary care practice.

This study aimed to investigate the prevalence, breed-based risk factors and clinical management of CUD in the general population of dogs under primary veterinary care in England.

A cross-sectional analysis using cohort clinical data of dogs attending practices signed up to the data collection initiative, Vet Compass, was carried out. Data was collected on dogs' species, breed, date of birth, sex, neuter status, insurance status and bodyweight. Clinical information from free-form text clinical notes and summary diagnosis terms, plus treatment and deceased status with relevant dates, was also collected.

Of 104,233 dogs attending 110 primary care practices in England, there were 834 dogs with corneal ulceration (0.80 per cent overall). The breeds with the highest prevalence were the pug (5.42 per cent of the breed affected), boxer (4.98 per cent), shih tzu (3.45 per cent), cavalier King Charles spaniel (2.49 per cent) and bulldog (2.41 …

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