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Stark warning over non-UK EU vets as government starts Brexit negotiations

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RESULTS from an RCVS-commissioned report into the effects of Brexit show the harm to the UK's veterinary sector and the ongoing need for EU veterinary professionals in Britain.

The Institute for Employment Studies survey received answers from 3078 vet professionals – including 19 VNs – about working in the UK, uncertainty and fear over the future or job security, and likelihood of leaving, showing a diverse workforce unclear about its place in Britain.

The majority of respondents qualified in Spain (22 per cent), Italy (14 per cent), Poland (10 per cent), or Romania (9 per cent), but 25 countries in total were represented in the survey.

Almost three-quarters (73 per cent) said they would continue to work in the UK, but 67 per cent said they found the uncertainty about their future difficult. Up to 44 per cent said they felt fearful and 41 per cent said they were not optimistic about their future.

Another 40 per cent believed they had reduced job security, with the same percentage saying they were more likely to leave, and 18 per cent actively looking for work outside the UK.

RCVS President Chris Tufnell said: ‘This survey makes the strongest possible case that the government must …

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