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General election
Political parties pick up on BVA manifesto

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THE BVA is claiming a ‘win for animal health and welfare’ as more than half of its own manifesto recommendations have been written into the Conservative, Labour and Liberal Democrat priorities for the next parliament.

In total, 11 of the BVA's 20 recommendations (listed below) have been met by one or more of the three parties' manifestos.

The Association's manifesto, covering Brexit and wider policy issues, was sent to the main political parties' manifesto writing teams following the Prime Minister's announcement of a snap General Election.

Gudrun Ravetz, BVA president, commented: ‘This General Election, which has Brexit at its core, is a real opportunity to ensure the most pressing animal health and welfare issues are high on the next Government's agenda.

‘While we are a relatively small profession, our critical and far-reaching roles in animal health, welfare and public health mean that we are uniquely placed to offer the next Government evidence-based and informed advice and policy recommendations. Months of hard work by the Brexit working group, and the quick issue of our manifesto to the main political parties, enabled us to secure commitments on the profession's animal health and welfare …

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