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Rosie's diary
  1. Rose Perrett


Every month, Vet Record Careers checks in with third-year vet student, Rosie Perrett.

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It's May, which means two things – first, it's just a month till my birthday and, secondly, I have five exams to revise for. And guess what, the two events coincide! I can't wait for next year when my birthday won't be overshadowed by exams, because by then I'll be on placements instead. In the meantime, this year I share my birthday with one exam and will be preparing for my last exam the following day.

I am definitely looking forward to June 3, when exams will be over and I can start winding down for a month or two. It seems silly saying that so soon after the Easter break, but the impending exams are always on my mind; I have a tendency to feel guilty if I'm not revising.

I did manage to chill out and take a break over the holidays. It was the first Easter that I hadn't planned on doing any EMS with the idea that I would knuckle down to revision. Every year I say that and every year I don't do it – instead I wrote up lecture notes from the previous term. I also got on with my research project and it took me at least three full days to finish my statistics! I like numbers and statistics, but I was getting a little fed up with them by the end.

Rosie and her boyfriend, Jono, at her aunt's wedding

At the end of the Easter holiday my aunt got married in Brighton. The weather held out and it was a beautiful occasion; it also provided a welcome distraction from studying. Apparently, if I don't make it in veterinary medicine, I could become a make-up artist! My aunt hadn't arranged for anyone to do her make-up for her big day, so I faithfully followed her instructions and was grateful that it worked out okay. However, I don't really feel that I have an eye for fabulous make-up.

Weddings always involve seeing people that you haven't met in a long time and they all asked the same questions (my answers are in brackets):

▪ How many years is your veterinary degree? (Five.)

▪ How long have you been studying and how long till you finish? (Six years so far, with two years to go.)

▪ What do you want to specialise in? (To be honest I'm not sure; I think it's unlikely I'll go into farm animals, I like sheep and cattle, but it's just not for me. In an ideal world I would love to do three days small animals and two days equine, but we'll see what the job market is like when I graduate, I'll probably work in small animal practice and maybe have a change a couple of years down the line.)

I wonder if I should start handing out cards with the answers printed on them in exchange for a pound – I could be rich by the end of my degree! Anyway, now that I'm back at university I have to knuckle down to my studies, otherwise the two years I think I have left may end up being three.

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