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Driving veterinary nursing
  1. Sam Morgan

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May is VN awareness month and what better way to mark it than to hear from Sam Morgan, president of the British Veterinary Nursing Association and inspirational teacher of veterinary nurses?

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HAVING grown up around animals and enjoyed science at school, I wanted a career that would combine the two. The careers advice I was given was not very helpful; I was told that veterinary surgery was a hard course to be accepted on and that anything else to do with animals was poorly paid, ‘so maybe I should consider being a nursery nurse’.

Luckily, my uncle was a partner in a mixed practice nearby in Cardiff and I was able to do my school work experience alongside him. That led to a Saturday job and it was then that I got to know the two veterinary nurses who worked at the practice. They were both qualified, but were very different people, with different roles. One was especially good with the owners and staff and the other was clever clinically.

They inspired me to aim to be a mixture of both – all I had to do was convince my mum that veterinary nursing was a good career choice. I was directed to the BVNA for some career information. I started at my uncle's practice a month later, when I donned my green and white striped uniform and became a student member of the BVNA.

I attended a local college one day a week to complete my training, working the rest of the time to develop my practical skills. I qualified in 1999 and was proud to attend the RCVS …

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