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Insurance claims analysis sheds more light on the health problems of brachycephalic dogs

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A ‘BIG DATA’ study by a US pet insurance company has suggested that brachycephalic dogs are less healthy than other dogs when it comes to a range of common conditions.

Insurance provider Nationwide analysed its database of claims made for more than 1.27 million dogs, from both brachycephalic and non-brachycephalic breeds, over a nine-year period. Conditions linked specifically to brachycephaly – such as stenotic nares, elongated soft palate, stenosis and everted laryngeal saccules – were excluded from the analysis. Claims for accidents, such as road traffic accidents or poisonings, and for infectious diseases were also removed.

Among findings were that dogs from 24 brachycephalic breeds were 4 per cent more likely to be the subject of insurance claims relating to enteropathy than non-brachycephalic dogs, and 10 per …

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