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Clinical Pathology and Laboratory Techniques for Veterinary Technicians
Making things clearer under the microscope
  1. Nicola Read
  1. Head veterinary nurse, oncology, Royal Veterinary College

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Anne M. Barger and Amy L. MacNeil
280 pages, paperback, £37.99.
Wiley Blackwell. 2015.
ISBN 978 1 118 34509 2

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WHAT veterinary nurses need from a pathology textbook is diversity; a tool that helps us to perform our role effectively and assist in learning objectives of colleagues. Simple step-by-step, how-to guides, explanations of why a test is significant, relevant underpinning knowledge, trouble shooting tips and clear reminders are all essential. The inclusion of relevant and high quality pictures is crucial.

The editors, Barger and MacNeil – board-certified veterinary pathologists at veterinary universities in the USA– have set learning objectives for each chapter to ensure the reader can not only perform the test but also understand the hows and whys. Parallel to the …

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