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Animal health and welfare
Taking animal health and welfare forward in Wales

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ANIMAL health and welfare priorities in Wales for 2016/17, and key actions for their delivery, have been set out in the second annual implementation plan to be published under the Wales Animal Health and Welfare Framework (AHWF).

The Wales AHWF was launched in 2014 and succeeded the Animal Health and Welfare Strategy for Great Britain in Wales. The framework sets out the Welsh Government's strategy for continuing and lasting improvements in the standards of animal health and welfare for kept animals in Wales, with five strategic outcomes providing a long-term vision for animal health and welfare. The outcomes are:

▪ Wales has healthy, productive animals;

▪ Animals in Wales have a good quality of life;

▪ People trust and have confidence in the way food is produced and the way public health is protected;

▪ Wales has a thriving rural economy; and

▪ Wales has a high-quality environment.

Implementation of the framework is supported by a group of six experts who advise the Welsh Government on the whole spectrum of animal health and welfare issues.

In her foreword to the implementation plan, which was published on July 28, Lesley Griffiths, the Welsh Cabinet Secretary for …

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