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Factors that affect stabilisation times of canine spontaneous hypoadrenocorticism
  1. E. Roberts, BVetMed (Hons), DipECVIM-CA, MRCVS1,
  2. L. A. Boden, BVSc, MANZCVS, LLM, PhD, DipECVPH, MRCVS2 and
  3. I. K. Ramsey, BVSc, PhD, DSAM, DipECVIM-CA, MRCVS, FHEA1
  1. 1Small Animal Hospital, University of Glasgow, Bearsden Road, Bearsden, Glasgow G61 4AH, UK
  2. 2Institute of Biodiversity, Animal Health and Clinical Medicine, University of Glasgow, Bearsden Road, Bearsden, Glasgow G61 4AH, UK
  1. Correspondence to E-mail for correspondence: emmaroberts88{at}


The objective of this retrospective study was to examine factors that may have affected the stabilisation times of 50 dogs with spontaneous hypoadrenocorticism that were being treated with fludrocortisone acetate, with particular emphasis on dosing frequency and the concurrent use of prednisolone. Stabilisation was defined as an absence of clinical signs with a sodium:potassium ratio >27:1 and both electrolyte concentrations within a laboratory reference range. It was found that the median time till stabilisation was three months. The frequency of fludrocortisone treatment (once, twice or changed from once to twice a day) had no effect on the stabilisation time. The two groups of dogs that were started and stabilised on once a day or twice a day dosing had a median stabilisation time of two months. However, dogs that failed to stabilise on once a day dosing of fludrocortisone and were then changed onto twice a day dosing then stabilised a median of one month later. Concurrent use of prednisolone resulted in significantly faster stabilisation times. It was concluded that dogs with hypoadrenocorticism should be continued on prednisolone therapy until they are stabilised. If a dog is failing to stabilise on once a day fludrocortisone acetate, a change to twice a day administration could be considered.

  • Endocrinology
  • Dogs
  • Adrenal gland

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