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Veterinary medicines
Threats to the supply and promotion of veterinary medicines

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‘THREATS to the promotion and supply of prescription medicines by 2020′ were discussed at the House of Lords on June 13, during a debate organised by the Veterinary Marketing Association (VMA) and hosted by the veterinary peer Lord Trees.

Four speakers, Donal Murphy, John Blackwell, Hylke Knoop and James Davies, set out their position before the debate was opened to the floor.

Mr Murphy, from the National Office of Animal Health (NOAH), outlined the current European draft regulations on veterinary medicinal products and some of the amendments being considered by the European Council. In particular, he highlighted that, as the regulations stood, there was a call to limit the advertising and promotion of prescription-only medicines only to those who could prescribe. If this came into force, only AVM-GSL (Authorised Veterinary Medicine – General Sales List) products could be advertised to owners, animal keepers and farmers.

The ability of Suitably Qualified Persons (SQPs) to prescribe certain products was likely to remain, he said, with the exception of antimicrobials, which would be under veterinary control. It seemed …

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