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Second-year student diary
  1. Rosie Perrett


Directly after her exams finished, Rosie Perrett started EMS. She wrote her diary one month in, with her exam results due within days. She reveals how she was feeling as results day approached.

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This past month has been like a breath of fresh air compared with the end of last term. It's been lovely to rest my brain and do something more practical.

For the past four weeks I've been getting into the swing of EMS as well as going to our end-of-year veterinary summer ball.

There's another four weeks of placements before I can break for the summer holidays – if I pass the dreaded exams. The results come out next Monday and it currently feels like the arrival of impending doom, but I think that's a little over dramatic.

I feel as though I've been in limbo for the past week, sometimes feeling vaguely nauseous at the thought of opening the e-mail with my results. I will be on pig placement on the day itself, and I've already told myself that I won't look at the results until I get home, because if I have failed nobody will want me around them in that mood. For the safety and sanity of others I think it's right to wait till I'm home. I'm going to have a strict ban on my phone throughout the day too, because I'm sure friends will be eagerly awaiting their results and checking up on how others have done.

On a happier and more uplifting note, our end-of-year vet summer ball was brilliant and a perfect way to end a tough but great year. The theme was masquerade, so my boyfriend's dad managed, very kindly, to bring us some beautiful masks back from a work trip to Venice. I also bought a new dress (always need a new dress for such occasions), which I persuaded mum to take up six inches (and that was wearing five-inch heels). This year the ball was held in St George's Hall in Liverpool, which had an amazing room that can only be described as grand on a big scale (well it felt big, as the organ stretched across the entire width of the room).

However, what I've been doing mostly is EMS – at a rescue centre kennels, a mixed veterinary practice and stables.

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During my two weeks at the practice, one thing I took note of was that lunch had to be taken on the go and dinner had to wait! Almost all the cases were new to me practically, although theory-wise we had covered many of them as part of our scenarios at university. Everything was starting to click into place, which was brilliant. I had the opportunity to see my first caesarean section on a queen (with four kittens) and despite the fact that it was heading towards 9 pm, there was no way I was going to go home. In the end, I rang mum and told them to eat without me, saying that I would text when I was leaving – otherwise most nights my parents wouldn't get to eat till 10 pm. I'm loving it, but I am looking forward to a break.

After writing this month's diary, Rosie heard that she had passed her exams.

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