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Bovine surgery
Surgery times for caesarean sections in cows
  1. Richard Brown
  1. City University of Hong Kong – School of Veterinary Medicine, 5/F, Block 1, To Yuen Building, 31 To Yuen Street, Kowloon, Hong Kong, e-mail:

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I REFER to the review article by Dumas and others (2016) discussing use of prophylactic antimicrobials to reduce abdominal surgical site infections (SSIs) in periparturient cows (VR, June 25, 2016, vol 178, pp 654-660). Table 4 gives estimates of surgical durations (in ranges) for performing caesarean sections. My own experience after working in practices in the north of Scotland suggests that the shorter surgical durations given in the table may be too long. This is relevant to the subject matter …

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