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Veterinary Parasitology, 4th edn
Veterinary parasites
  1. Diana Williams

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M. A. Taylor, R. L. Coop and R. L. Wall
1032 pages, hardback, £149.99
Wiley Blackwell. 2015.
ISBN 978 0 470 67162 7

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IN a world with a growing and increasingly affluent human population there is a demand for high quality, sustainably produced meat, milk and eggs. Add to that the predilection of people for keeping a range of species, either for companionship, special interest or as working animals, and we are faced with the need to understand and control a range of veterinary parasitic diseases. Veterinary parasitology is a broad discipline that covers helminths, protozoa and ectoparasites of all domesticated and indeed wild animals, including those that can …

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