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Antimicrobial resistance
Animal to human transmission of AMR
  1. David Burch
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I WAS disappointed to read that 14 representatives of the medical profession had written to The Daily Telegraph requesting the Government to introduce a nationwide ban on the preventative mass-medication of animals, and to curb farm use of the ‘critically’ important antibiotics (CIAs) (VR, November 19, 2016, pp 502-503). This demonstrates that we are not getting our message on ‘responsible use’ across to our medical colleagues. The BVA President, Gudrun Ravetz, has emphasised that ‘a unified approach between veterinary and medical leaders must continue to tackle antimicrobial resistance (AMR).’ This must be the case and the way to go forward. We must update them on the efforts and progress that is being made on the veterinary side, especially, overall use reduction, future targets and CIA reductions. The medical profession itself is also under a lot of pressure on the subject of AMR and has genuine fears about its spread, particularly in hospitals and secondary care homes.

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