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Small Animal Cytologic Diagnosis
Cytological reference
  1. Clare Knottenbelt

Statistics from

Anne M. Barger and Amy L. MacNeill
512 pages, hardback, £63.99.
CRC Press. 2016.
ISBN 978 1 48222 575 4

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AUTHORS of cytology texts have an immediate advantage in that their books are beautiful to look through, and this one is no exception. As you leaf through its pages you can see immediately the quantity and quality of the colour illustrations. Another aspect of the book that jumped out at me was the use of case examples at the end of each chapter, which provide a brief history and a full cytological description. I was interested in how these examples were used and whether they were there to provide the reader with some way of assessing their skills base or knowledge.

The book starts with a section on collecting samples, providing information on aspirate techniques and making impression smears and stains. In my view, the photographs in this section do not add a huge amount …

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