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Electrochemotherapy as a single treatment or adjuvant treatment to surgery of cutaneous sarcoid tumours in horses: a 31-case retrospective study


The aim of our study was to evaluate the efficacy of electrochemotherapy (ECT) with cisplatin as a single or adjuvant treatment for sarcoids in equids. Different treatment options with different success rates were proposed. Thirty-one horses and one donkey with different clinical type, size and location of tumours were treated with ECT as a single treatment (18 animals with 52 tumour nodules) or as adjuvant treatment with marginal surgical excision (14 animals with 18 tumour nodules). In animals treated only with ECT with cisplatin, complete response was obtained in 48/52 (92.3 per cent) nodules and partial response in the other 4 nodules (7.7 per cent). In most cases, one to three sessions, only in two cases four and in one case five sessions, every 4 weeks were needed to obtain the measurable response. During the observation time, only in one case was the recurrence noted 60 months after treatment. Complete response in all 18 tumour nodules treated with surgery and adjuvant ECT was obtained and only one recurrence was noted after 14 months during the observation time. The results of this study show that ECT with cisplatin is an effective, safe, and simple local treatment of sarcoids in equids. According to the tumour size and location, single or combined treatment should be performed.

  • Horses
  • Sarcoids
  • Chemotherapy
  • Surgery
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