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Pet travel
BVA calls for compulsory tick treatment for travelling pets

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THE BVA is calling for the reintroduction of a requirement for dogs and cats to be treated for ticks before they enter the UK under the Pet Travel Scheme. It is also calling for the reintroduction of tapeworm treatment for cats travelling under the scheme.

Responding to a consultation by Defra and the Scottish and Welsh governments on whether the Non-Commercial Movement of Pet Animals Order 2011 (as amended) is meeting its objectives, the BVA says that, while the Order has been effective in making pet travel easier and less expensive for owners, it has increased the risk to both human and animal health from rabies and other diseases, some of which are zoonotic.

The consultation, which ran from September 15 to October 27, formed part of a five-year regulatory review of the legislation governing the delivery and enforcement arrangements for the Pet Travel Scheme (VR, October 8, 2016, vol 179, pp 342, 343).

In its response to the consultation, the BVA says that removal of the requirement for tick treatment has increased the risk of tickborne diseases entering the UK. This, it says, …

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