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Antimicrobial resistance
Transmission of antimicrobial resistance from animals to people
  1. David Burch
  1. Octagon Services, The Round House, The Friary, Old Windsor, Berkshire SL4 2NR, e-mail:

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I WAS delighted to see that the Government via the Research Councils is sponsoring research at Bristol university looking at the risk of transmission of antimicrobial resistance from animals to people, including dairy cattle (VR, June 18, 2016, vol 178, p 622). It is long overdue. In a recent letter to Veterinary Record (VR, May 28, 2016, vol 178, p 565) I compared the estimated relative transmission of resistance from chickens and pigs to people (Burch 2016a). Infectious agents, such as Campylobacter and Salmonella species, which may be carrying antimicrobial resistance, can be transmitted directly to farm workers in close contact with the animals but the major other route is considered via …

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