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Distribution of bovine influenza D virus infection in Japan

T. Horimoto, T. Hiono, H. Mekata, T. Odagiri, Z. Lei, T. Kobayashi and others

INFLUENZA D virus was first isolated as an influenza C-like virus from pigs with respiratory illness in the USA in 2011; however, subsequent epidemiological analyses indicated that cattle are the major reservoirs of the virus and that it is potentially involved in the bovine respiratory disease complex.

The authors of this study recently reported that influenza D virus had been detected in a herd of cattle in Japan. This paper describes how they carried out a serological survey, using archived serum samples collected from herds of cattle in various regions of the country, to confirm the circulation of bovine influenza D virus in Japan.

Bovine serum or plasma samples were obtained from herds across Japan from 2010 to 2016; samples were collected from animals that were apparently healthy at the time of collection. The haemagglutination-inhibition (HI) test was performed to detect anti-influenza virus antibody in the bovine serum or plasma samples.

The results showed the presence of seropositive influenza D virus cattle in every year and …

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