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Third-year student diary
  1. Rosie Perrett


After a ‘brilliant’ summer, Rosie Perrett is back at Liverpool vet school, starting her third year. The students are embarking on a year of clinical application.

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After an absolutely brilliant summer, I'm back at my desk writing about my first week of my third year of vet school or, if you count my time at Swansea for my first degree, my sixth year at university. I took full advantage of my time off this summer by going on two holidays once my placements were complete.

My first holiday was with my family. We went to Greece to celebrate mum's 60th birthday, while the second was to Italy with my boyfriend. If only I could still be relaxing by a pool with a glass of wine in my hand . . .

The time not spent on holiday was quickly taken up by two bundles of cuteness in the form of two new kittens. After we lost our cat, Gracey, at Easter, the house was particularly quiet so we decided to get two kittens from the rescue centre where I did my kennel placement over the summer. After Gracey, who was quite a big cat, these two little ones seemed so tiny, but they are growing rapidly. The kittens – a female, Poppy, and a male, Guinness – are full siblings. Unfortunately, their time in the rescue centre was a rough one, with both of them contracting cat flu and panleukopenia, but, thankfully, they have fully recovered and are now enjoying life to the full.

They have caused carnage at home, knocking vases and photo frames over, as well as working out where the food is stored, then stealing it and hiding it under the sofa for an extra snack. Despite all that they are completely and utterly adorable. So, as well as my vet degree progress, I'm sure their antics will feature in my future diary pieces.

I didn't get back to Liverpool until the weekend before lectures started, as I only arrived back from Italy the previous week. I always feel ready to return to university and get my brain working; however, I'll probably take that back within the next month, as we get into the nitty gritty.

We've been introduced to the new year, which will cover ‘clinical application’. This is where the idea of becoming a vet becomes a bit more real. Until now, the course has involved a lot of theory and fact learning, but now we're applying what we've learnt in a clinical setting. We are thinking like vets. We've also learnt that our exams have changed; one written paper has been removed and another paper will be split in two, ultimately increasing the amount of examination time we face. It's obviously for the better, but in my mind more time spent in exams doesn't seem appealing.

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As well as different lectures we have different practical classes to contend with, which are also much more clinically based. One practical class that we had this week was on sampling techniques, where we learnt how to catheterise a dog, perform a joint tap and take a nasopharyngeal swab, among other things. We also had an imaging practical, where we learnt how to correctly interpret an ultrasound and a radiograph.

So, we're one week down with only 10 to go till Christmas, and, with lots of visits from friends and family planned, the time will probably go incredibly quickly.

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