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Owner experience of home-cooked diet recipes for dogs

L. N. Johnson, D. E. Linder, C. R. Heinze, R. L. Kehs, L. M. Freeman

SOME pet owners feed their dogs a home-cooked diet rather than commercial pet food. This can be for medical or non-medical reasons, but there has been some concern that these diets are not nutritionally complete or balanced. This American study aimed to evaluate owner experiences and adherence to home-cooked diet recipes for dogs.

The study involved owners using a clinical nutrition service at a veterinary teaching hospital. Clients who had a home-cooked diet recipe formulated for their dog between March 2011 and December 2013 were surveyed by email, post and telephone to assess their experience with feeding a home-cooked diet and their current feeding practices.

Ninety-three dogs were included in the study and their owners contacted; 53 of these responded. Of the 53 respondents, 74 per cent reported that their dog was alive, while 26 per cent reported that their dog was no longer alive. A total of 43 owners reported that they were still feeding their animal a home-cooked diet or they had continued to feed this diet until the animal had died. The most common …

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