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So You Want to be a Vet? The Realities of Studying and Working in Veterinary Medicine
What veterinary life is actually like
  1. Pete Wedderburn

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Neil Paton
240 pages, paperback, £19.95.
5M Publishing. 2015.
ISBN 978 1 91045 508 1

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THIS book is a natural extension of the author's work: he teaches at an agricultural college, and one of his innovative projects is a week-long course on farm animal veterinary medicine for school pupils who are keen to gain experience for their applications to veterinary school. From his work, Mr Paton has learned about the misconceptions about the veterinary career that are often held by potential applicants to our profession. His aim, through this book, is to correct those misunderstandings.

The book's 14 chapters follow a logical sequence, taking readers through the various aspects of the different career options …

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