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Diagnostic value of neutrophil:lymphocyte and albumin:globulin ratios in canine soft tissue sarcoma

L. Macfarlane, J. Morris, K. Pratschke, D. Mellor, T. Scase, M. Macfarlane, G. Mclauchlan

SOFT tissue sarcomas are mesenchymal malignancies derived from connective tissue and the mainstay of treatment is wide excision. In contrast, the majority of benign soft tissue tumours can be cured with marginal resection. A biomarker that indicates that a mass is more likely to be benign, and therefore more suited to marginal resection without extensive staging and surgical planning, could be helpful in a clinical environment, particularly if clients' finances are limited. This study aimed to investigate the ability of neutrophil:lymphocyte ratio and albumin:globulin ratio to differentiate soft tissue sarcomas from benign soft tissue tumours.

The medical records of 36 dogs with soft tissue sarcomas (22 dogs) or benign soft tissue tumours (14 dogs) that were referred to a small animal hospital between August 2007 and March 2014 were retrospectively reviewed. Biochemical and haematological analyses were carried out and neutrophil:lymphocyte ratio and albumin:globulin ratio were compared between the two groups.

The neutrophil:lymphocyte ratio was significantly higher in dogs with soft tissue sarcomas than in those with benign soft tissue tumours (9.640 and 4.261, …

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