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Second-year student diary
  1. Rosie Perrett


Rosie Perrett is happy! This term has involved completing major pieces of course work. However, as she loves numbers, she enjoyed completing an enterprise report that involved calculating energy requirements in horses. She also completed her third literature review and learned that typos can be embarrassing and amusing, but are best avoided.

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Second year is officially over – well lectures are at any rate. We still have some revision sessions and of course the dreaded exams, but all the learning has officially come to an end for another year. I don't know what's worse, the three weeks until exams start or the fact that, having taken a zoology degree before starting vet school, I've almost finished my fifth year at university! Some people will already have done a Bachelor's degree, a Master's degree, and started their PhD at this stage of their education career, and I'm yet to treat an animal. Granted, I have officially completed my last dissection and, unless I (gulp) fail and have to resit, I won't get another opportunity to practise without the animals attempting to bite or kick me.

We've only had three teaching weeks of lectures this term so it feels incredibly short, and alongside this learning, we've also had to hand in two major pieces of course work. One was an enterprise report, dedicated to a specific preclinical EMS placement; needless to say I choose horses. It really highlighted areas I hadn't even considered previously, such as disease control, space requirements and nutrition calculations.

I'm one of those people who loves numbers and maths so, once I got my head around the calculations, I was quite content to work my way through energy requirements and hay quantities.

Our other major piece of work was a literature review, which I finally handed in today. I looked at the kinetics and kinematics involved with equine function. As much as I enjoyed researching information, I did feel certain topics went right over my head and were highly complex, so picking through the bits I could understand was a little tricky. This was my third literature review, and I just hope it matches up to the standards of previous ones. I paid special attention to the spelling of ‘horses’ as I accidently omitted a letter on the very first page in my abstract in a previous literature review, which I think left my tutor at the time slightly stunned, but laughing.

Our last group of topics has included the reproductive and endocrine systems as well as disorders of circulation. My reaction to disorders of circulation has been mixed. Don't get me wrong, it isn't a boring subject, but following on from my cat, Gracie's, recovery from his saddle thrombosis during Easter, and despite regular medication, he had a relapse just three weeks later and had to be put to sleep shortly after writing last month's diary. So, as much as it's interesting to learn exactly why he was in so much pain, it's still quite a sensitive subject for me. However, I do now realise even more that the decision to put him to sleep was the right one, as even our lecturer commented on the severity of the injury, and that only very rarely can anything be done. So, the fact that I got an extra three weeks with him was a blessing.

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Next time I'll be writing, I will be in the middle of exams and revision, and desperately looking forward to summer.

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