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Pedigree dogs
Pedigree Dogs Exposed director issues a challenge to UK vets

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AN open letter to veterinary surgeons in the UK, calling on them to ‘stand up and be counted on the brachycephalic issue’, has been posted online by Jemima Harrison, who directed the influential Pedigree Dogs Exposed documentary which was shown on the BBC in 2008.

In a blog, which was posted at on May 6, Ms Harrison reflects on the increasing number of pugs, bulldogs and French bulldogs being registered by the Kennel Club and highlights a number of the health issues associated with brachycephalic breeds.

Vets, she says, ‘are, of course, all too aware of the problems’, but rarely acknowledge them publicly. Instead, she says, ‘You organise CPD days on how to manage the increasing number of creatures that turn up at your practice doors gasping for air. You refer clients on to soft tissue specialists who do their best to remedy the deformity that has been bred into them by cutting away the …

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