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Domestic abuse
Resources to help practice teams recognise abuse

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RESOURCES to help veterinary practice staff recognise signs of domestic violence and to seize ‘the golden moment’ – the point in a consultation where the vet has the opportunity to extend some compassion towards a victim of violence – are to be sent to all veterinary surgeons in Great Britain in the coming weeks.

The resources were officially launched at the BSAVA's congress in Birmingham on April 7 by the Links Group, a multiagency group that aims to promote the welfare and safety of vulnerable children, animals and adults so that they are free from abuse and violence. Speaking at a press conference during the congress, Tricia Colville, the then president of the BSAVA, explained that the association had been keen to be involved with the work that the Links Group was doing. It was important that vets and veterinary nurses were aware of the resources available to them to help in situations where they suspected an animal or a client might be being abused.

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